Worried about


because of people you work with?

We can help. Get in touch in January.


And until February, as our gift (non corporate only), we will offer our conflict coaching sessions at a discounted rate of £100 per session. 

Call us on 01273 915 018 or

email eva@theresolutionpod.com

Here is how we help: 

  • Our diagnosis and strategy service 

we discuss the issues with the relevant individuals and provide you with a strategy to resolve the situation having understood the problem from different perspectives

  • Our mediation and facilitated conversation service

as neutral, impartial and skilled facilitators, we help you have the conversations that are needed in a positive and constructive way

  • Our coaching service

we arrange one or more sessions to coach people to have specific difficult conversations or on how to handle tricky situations

  • Our training

we deliver internal training on effective conversations on difficult subjects

All are offered on a fixed fee basis.