Commercial disputes- Mediation

We help resolve your problems with your suppliers, clients or partners, avoiding protracted and expensive legal processes by mediating between you. Between us we have decades of experience as mediators.


Mediations are short, sharp and effective interventions. Mediations are typically a  half day or one day intervention, where both parties come together with an independent mediator to negotiate a win win solution. 

Cost effective and quick

Real and creative solutions 

Protects reputations

Allows continuing relationships​

Not limited to commercial contracts, mediation is often a powerful tool in construction, property disputes and in cases of professional negligence. 

small claims in and around brighton
special mediation rate 

If the value of the dispute is under £10,000 and can be mediated in Brighton,

we offer a fixed fee up to half day mediation for £500 + VAT.

This is an in person mediation so has much greater chances of success than telephone mediation.

Costs are split equally between parties. Includes 2 hours prep. 


Our service accredited by the Civil and Mediation Council.