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Eva edel

A mediator and lawyer with expertise in IP law and a passion for conflict resolution.

Working as a lawyer over the last 15 years (in France and the UK), I began to realise that rather than arguing cases, I wanted to help people settle their differences amicably, in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than litigation.


My work in varied environments – law firms, universities and NGOs – gave me the flexibility and insight to deal with changing circumstances, diverse people and a variety of cultures. My legal training equips me to handle the tricky aspects of negotiation.

I now use my talents and technical skills to help people resolve their differences amicably in a variety of sectors from neighbours to commercial disputes. 

I am a civil and commercial SMCA accredited mediator and Restorative justice facilitator. I am a member of the College of Mediators.  

Contact Eva at eva@theresolutionpod.co.uk

Here is my full CV