We help founders, partners and C suite hires through the difficult issues that can arise between them such as:

  • Imbalanced contributions

  • Tensions around roles 

  • Issues around equity split 

  • Exits



Building Homes

laying the foundations 

A 5 step process for founders and C level hires to discuss key areas and help you avoid decisions that become "sand under the saddle" (roles, titles, equity, stress testing, or anything else you want to bring to the table). Includes regular review points. See here for more detail 

Informational Interview

our coaching service

You know something is wrong but cannot seem to resolve it. You are not sure you want someone external to intervene directly. We work with you on an individual basis to help you. We explore the issues with you and develop the best strategies to remedy the situation. 

In a Meeting

facilitated conversations

As neutral, impartial and skilled facilitators, we help you have the conversations that are needed in a positive and constructive way and find the way forward that avoids the cost, time and personal pain with traditional ways of resolving seemingly intractable issues.