our training

"engaging" "punchy" "genuinely useful"


Because we are passionate about good communication,

we deliver training on how to have  good conversations about difficult stuff at work.

Training is adapted to different situations and can be tailored to your needs.

All integrate a specific 12 step toolkit for participants to take away. 


irked_work - The Resolution Pod - Jan 20

A 2h session for all staff to learn and practice the key 12 steps to having good conversations at work about any difficult stuff (performance, culture, personal conflict). This is great for setting a culture of how to debate constructively   - £1500 + VAT. Ideal group size: from 5 to 50 people

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A 2.5 h session for leaders and managers to learn and practice the key 12 steps to having good conversations at work with a focus on addressing performance issues -  £1500 + VAT. Ideal group size: 5 to 20 people.

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This is for managers who want to turn around employees who are disengaged or not performing up to expectations. The session is run in two parts and as a mix of training and coaching, so that participants can share their specific challenges and leave ready to deal with them. Max participants: 6 or 7.

Participants will:

  • Discuss a specific challenge they face as a manager 

  • Be clear on what makes things go wrong and how to avoid it

  • Learn the 12 steps to follow for these conversations to work

  • Have time to reflect on how they will put this into practice

  • Practice – equipping them to deal with their specific challenges

  • Leave with a toolkit to use and re-use

Indicative price - £366 per participant or £2,200 + VAT for the sessions. 2 x 2.5 hours 

Sophie delivered a really engaging, punchy and impactful  session to our line managers and senior leaders on having difficult conversations, aptly named “irked@work”. Sophie worked with me closely beforehand to really understand the key issues our team were finding challenging and then adapted the session to make the most impact. In two hours she was able to deliver some key messages and learning along with getting everyone to try some new skills. It was really well received and I would highly recommend Sophie and this session to you.

Anne Darnell, HR manager, Origami Energy

A really engaging session with takeaway tools that are genuinely useful. There is no magic wand for difficult conversations, but you showed us there is a way you can think about them and prepare. Very positive feedback from all of my team. We are all more conscious of our approaches and more confident in addressing tricky topics. Thank you for making it fun as well.

Clare Pirie, Director of Communications

Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust