the problems we help

you avoid or solve:





Issues in founder and senior level relationships.

Workplace issues.        Commercial disputes.


Founder and C-suite relationships

Maximising the success of start ups 

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We have worked with and in start-ups and know that issues between founders and at C-suite level can get in the way. We know the likely sources of tension and  how to help you avoid them by working with you early on on anticipating the possible pain spots and intervening if there are early warnings signs to nip them in the bud.  We also know what to do if the problems are more significant.

Workplace issues

Working together

Businesses succeed when they have happy employees. So how do you address performance issues, interpersonal conflict, reorganisations, grievances, the outcome of disciplinary hearings? We know that pure HR processes tend to polarise. We have an alternative.

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Commercial disputes

A positive alternative to litigation

In Negotiation

We help resolve your problems with your suppliers, clients or partners, avoiding protracted and expensive legal processes. Mediations are short, sharp and effective interventions.