workplace issues

Businesses succeed when they have happy engaged employees. So how do you address performance issues, interpersonal conflict, reorganisations, grievances? We know that pure HR processes tend to polarise. We have alternatives. We tailor the approach to the specific issue you are dealing with: 

we also have a solution specific to managers

Sounding board Service for managers

Practice and focused coaching will significantly help build the skills and confidence of the managers. Training is an excellent first step but not sufficient to master the skills learned. They need to be embedded. Sometimes HR cannot offer the individual support managers need. 

This is where the Sounding Board service fits in.


Each manager has access to a member of the Resolution Pod for coaching support (a sounding board), for up to certain amount of time each month. They can use the time to prepare or to unpack conversations they need to have or have had with their reports. Sessions are booked at monthly intervals to make sure the managers access the support, but they are free to call before the planned session to receive support at their point of need. 



  • Basic: 1 h per manager per month

  • Premium: 2 h per manager per month

  • Gold: 3 h per manager per month


The support to managers will be offered on a time limited basis with the idea that after a time they no longer need it. Improvement is measured.

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