workplace issues

Businesses succeed when they have happy employees. So how do you address performance issues, interpersonal conflict, reorganisations, grievances? We know that pure HR processes tend to polarise. We have an alternative.

We use a novel approach to solving workplace issues by tailoring our intervention to each situation. We work with you to find the way forward.

How we resolve it

  • we guarantee confidentiality to those who speak to us – just like in a mediation

  • we problem solve and determine what is the best approach for this situation:

    • a workplace mediation –  for example to help broker a healthy discussion between employees

    • coaching – to help a manager conduct a performance review

    • conflict coaching – e.g. to support an employee who finds it difficult to work with a colleague

    • confidential discussions around leaving the business

    • restorative practices post grievances and disciplinary hearings

    • back to formal processes – HR and legal

    • and much more.