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Dealing with difficult people at work. Restoring trust - a case study

what do you do when trust as broken down? it's now so bad collaboration is near impossible. maybe someone has gone off sick. hr has tried to help but it's not worked. here is a situation we at the resolution pod resolved (we changed the names).

The issue
● Charlie managed Ali
● Charlie was unhappy with ali’s work
● Ali felt unsupported by Charlie
● Trust had broken down
● Tensions had Escalated
● Ali took sick leave due to stress
● HR tried to mediate but did not achieve resolution
● There had been no constructive communication for a year

What we did
● We spent time individually with both parties to understand their take on the conflict
● We helped them understand what they needed to move forward
● We brought the parties together
● We helped them clarify what happened and focus on their common interests and goals

How it resolved the issue
The conflict was resolved outside of any formal HR process and without having to consider either person exiting.
Charlie and Ali understood their respective points of view better and agreed a way forward. They felt relieved, and could now focus on their work and collaboration.

It broke the pattern. Started something new.
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