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A manager dealing with difficult people at work. Communication coaching - another case study.

You are the manager. two people in your team are not getting on. you've tried what you could and it is still stuck. What do you do? We all talk to our friends, our family. That's lovely, but how often does it change things?

Now imagine talking to someone who is an expert in resolving issues between people. Here is an example of when we at The Resolution Pod did just that.

1. The issue
Manager was aware of an interpersonal conflict in his team emanating from different points of view on the management of a project.

Team member A was getting hugely stressed and sick leave was a real possibility. Team member B felt he had done what he could to address Team member A’s concern and nothing more could be done.

2. What we did
We helped the manager prepare individual conversations with the team members which would ensure they would enter a joint meeting positively
We helped the manager prepare the joint meeting giving him a clear structure to follow which would lead to a constructive conversation between them

3. How it resolved the issue
The Team members felt listened to and understood. This enabled them to engage in a conversation focused on solutions going forward instead of focusing on their perceived flaws of the other. The manager felt supported and clear on the way forward thanks to our advice.

simple as that: 1, 2, 3. Done

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